The previous year has seen seismic shifts in hiring, from a dearth of positions to a scarcity of applicants. As many employers clamor for employees, what are job-seekers looking for?

Rosabeth Moss Kanter shares five priorities that job seekers hold and that employers should consider. Foremost on the list is flexibility. She writes,

“Working remotely gave many employees a taste for the joys of autonomy and control; they don’t want to be stuck in rigid structures. Although employers are considering a wide range of options — e.g., staggered schedules in which only part of the workforce is in the office at any one time, or giving everyone the same Wednesday off — what people really want is the chance to make choices. Keep in mind that a major motivator is self-determination. When people are trusted to work it out, they are more productive and innovative. For this reason, a company might want to customize the perks it is offering new employees, or allow them to decide whether they’d like to work remotely or in the office.”

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