Employees love to complain. Grumbling about the boss is a competitive sport in some workplaces. Forging a path to gratitude can take intentionality, but has a direct impact on our quality of life. We asked three employees to offer their perspectives of gratitude in this season of plenty—and what has sustained them through the times of trial.

“I’m thankful for the noise and the quiet of the office. My time in remote work during the pandemic left me feeling incredibly isolated. I need in-person collaboration with my colleagues. I no longer take for granted the quick coffee-break conversations. I’ve also come to relish the quiet mornings when I get in before my coworkers. I’ve found a balance of focused time and collaborative engagement.”

“I’m thankful for losing my job last year. At first, it was so jarring and so disorienting. But it spurred me to take a professional risk I’d dreamed of for years, but never had the guts to: changing industries. I no longer had anything to lose, and it turns out I had everything to gain. It took 7 months of applying and being disappointed before landing my current position. But, now I am thriving and loving the challenge of each new day at work.”

“I’m grateful for our students. I was drawn to working in higher education because it’s such a formative time in an individual’s development. College students bring unbridled enthusiasm, keen insight, and teachability to the classroom. I count it an honor to serve them during this season of their lives. Whenever work stress starts to fray my nerves, all it takes is a conversation with a student to remind me why I do what I do.”

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