One of the ideas that’s gained traction in the start-up world is the power of an earned secret. An earned secret is a personal insight that your unique experience enables you to recognize. Disruption and innovation are central for start-ups. Venture capitalists seek to fund compelling solutions to familiar problems.

The power of earned secrets extends beyond Silicon Valley to higher education leadership. Just as founders think outside existing systems to unlock dramatic growth, leaders bring insights that propel institutions forward. Managers implement existing systems. Leaders envision new strategies.

If you are pursuing a new leadership position, you should identify your earned secrets and be prepared to discuss them in your next interview. Here are some questions to help pinpoint your earned secrets:

  1. How does my work experience give me unique perspective?
  2. Where have I innovated solutions throughout my career?
  3. How does feedback from others validate my earned secrets?
  4. What outcomes demonstrate my earned secrets?

Our team at Hyatt-Fennell would be happy to discuss your earned secrets—and the roles they position you for. Reach out today.