LinkedIn is one of the first avenues job seekers turn to when looking for a new position. LinkedIn holds untapped potential for employers, as well. The social network can give employers key insight into applicants. Here are three ways you can get a clearer picture of candidates.

1. The basics. Of course, you can confirm standard details, such as work history or education. But, brief perusal of an applicant’s profile has a lot more to tell you. Does their profile reflect attention to detail or are there errors? Do they show the technical savvy to utilize various features of LinkedIn? The details they’ve chosen to include—or the items they’ve missed—tell a story.

2. Shared connections. Do you and the applicants have any colleagues in common? A mutual connection may be able to give you added perspective on the applicant. What’s more, if the applicant knows current employees at your organization, they are more likely to have an accurate sense of the culture of your institution and be a good long-term fit.

3.  People skills. Does the applicant only talk about themselves, or do they celebrate the contributions of others? Do they have endorsements from colleagues that show positive working relationships? Do they share valuable resources that show they are in touch with their field? 

Scanning an applicant’s LinkedIn profile before an interview gives a potential employer additional information to conduct an informed and efficient interview. This simple practice can focus your time and improve your results.