There is increased understanding of the importance of cultural fit. An individual who has all the right experience can still be the wrong choice if they create chaos and sow dissension in a department. You are not hiring a single role, you are hiring part of a team. Cultural fit shouldn’t just be a consideration when selecting a new employee. It should be an ongoing priority for all your employees.

One underutilized way to reinforce your organizational values and foster connection is through corporate volunteering. When your employees rally around an important cause, it has many benefits for your employees. Through a volunteer opportunity you can:

1. Remind employees what they care about. Seeing the impact of an organization can remind employees who aren’t front-line workers why they do what they do.

2. Connect your team to the community. We easily become siloed in our own organizations and even our own departments. Volunteering in the community strengthens our network throughout our cities and regions.

3. Break down barriers. Politics crop up even in the healthiest organizations. Working together for an exterior mission can help employees find common ground. 

One of our favorite charities to volunteer for is Sister’s Place. Their mission to be a collaborative community asset that eliminates barriers to success for those experiencing poverty and homelessness is one that resonates with our staff—and is a way to honor the legacy of our beloved cofounder, Weezie.