Strong leaders are the key to your success as an institution. What if you’re overlooking one of the most effective approaches to attracting the leaders you need? In a recent article in eCampus news, Cheryl Hyatt explains,

Organizations spend thousands of dollars identifying and acquiring talent for leadership positions. Those expenses balloon with senior leadership roles. What if there was a strategy that could not only cut costs, but increase the quality of hire—and the outcomes they achieve?

Most institutions underestimate and under-utilize one of their core assets: their current staff. Outside hiring is one key strategy, but it is not the only avenue to executive excellence. Internal hires cost less in on-boarding while also bringing invaluable institutional knowledge. When your C-suite leaders have experience at different levels of your organization, they understand historic complexities, appreciate departmental strengths, and can identify opportunities for growth.

In order to be an effective talent pipeline, internal hiring is not a one-time decision, but an ongoing strategy to identify, encourage, and propel rising talent.

Read her entire article, with actionable steps, here. And if you’d like to begin a comprehensive succession planning strategy for your institution, reach out today.