From baseball players stepping up to the plate to political candidates walking on stage, we’ve all seen the power of a good walk-up song. Do you have a pre-interview playlist? If not, you should! A good mix of music can:

Shake out the nerves. It’s normal—and positive—to have some butterflies before an interview. The important thing is to give it a constructive outlet. Channel your nervous energy into singing along in the car on the way there.

Make you feel powerful. Doubts can loom large as you approach an interview. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. Remind yourself of your strength and resilience.

Prompt you to have fun. Music sets an upbeat tone. Interviews are about connection and positive conversation. A good song can put you in the right frame of mind to engage with your interviewers.

What’s your interview walk-up song? Share with us on social media or comment below.