While companies increasingly recognize the importance of diversity among their employees, changing institutional culture can be challenging. Our own Cheryl Hyatt recently penned an article in eCampus News exploring the vitality that diverse perspectives bring to an organization—and how to make diversity a priority in your hiring practices. 

Hyatt points out that diversity is a value for organizations—literally. She explains, “If the ethical argument isn’t enough to sway everyone, it should be noted that there are financial benefits to having a diverse workforce. Companies with gender-diversity have been shown to be more profitable. Research indicates that diverse companies are more adept at capturing new markets—by a whopping 70%. Diversity has also been linked to increased employee productivity. These statistics shouldn’t be surprising. We all have blind spots. When employees come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, they can anticipate problems and see multiple solutions. This not only has a positive effect on your bottom line, but fosters a rich workplace culture.”

Read her entire article, including her suggestions to grow diversity at your institution, here.