Insightful professionals understand that their success is intertwined with the progress of those around them. You are part of a team. It is in your best interest to elevate those you work with. Not only will your career benefit, but you will feel the joy of watching others flourish. We have three tips for encouraging potential in your colleagues.

1. Recognize their strengths. Most of us are keenly aware of all the areas we come up short. One of the best ways to help your colleagues thrive is to compliment the good you see in them. Whether you are clueing them into something they’ve never noticed or reinforcing that they should lean into a trait, your support will be appreciated. 

2. Contribute to their success. If they have a project, be willing to invest a little extra effort in helping it do well. Help them brainstorm strategies, offer to review their proposal and give feedback, volunteer for their committee. Your actions will speak volumes about the potential you see in them.

3. Celebrate their accomplishments. Take the time to extend your personal congratulations for a colleague’s achievement. That can be as simple as a comment on a post on LinkedIn. Even better is to send a brief, handwritten note expressing your well wishes.