Trust is the cornerstone of productive relationships. Most professionals seek a position with an organization and the team just happens to come along with it. Because we are not responsible for forming these relationships, we think we don’t have to put energy into maintaining them. Such thinking is short-sighted and detrimental. Not only are your coworkers integral to your career success, they are also the people with whom you spend the majority of your time! We have three ways to cultivate trust in the workplace. 

1. Keep confidences. Workplace gossip and backbiting can be rampant. One of the most fundamental ways you can build trust is not to disclose things they tell you privately. Even if you suspect they wouldn’t mind if you share a piece of news, it’s always worthwhile to say, “I’ll have to check and get back to you.”

2. Follow through. Be a person of your word. If you tell a colleague you’ll do something, do it. If something arises and you’re unable to deliver as promised, call or email to provide an update. Your coworkers need to know that they can depend on you for trust to flourish.

3.Understand and invest. Make the time to hear and appreciate the perspective of your coworkers. When you consider where they are coming from, you can more effectively work together. Show your solidarity by putting forth the effort to contribute to their projects and priorities beyond your regular job duties. When you do so, you demonstrate your investment in your team and your respect for your colleagues. 

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