Interviews can be scary in the best of circumstances, but sometimes they take terrifying turns. Monster has compiled a list of nightmare interviews. If you’d like to feel better about your interview missteps—and learn some lessons along the way, you won’t want to miss these stories. One professional shared,

“Years ago, I was in from out of town to interview with a nonprofit in a city to which my husband and I hoped to relocate…I was inside the office, talking with the executive director, when my husband popped up in the window, furiously waving his hands. Turns out he had locked our toddler son in the rental car we were using to tour town.”

She did not get the job, but she did learn to be prepared for anything! Another recruiter shared,

“We asked a candidate to complete the sentence, ‘People who know you well would say, “Suzie is great, but sometimes …” The candidate became irate and said that she couldn’t believe that she was being asked that question. She said that it was totally inappropriate and that she wouldn’t answer it. Then she said, ‘But I guess I would have to say that sometimes I overreact.’”

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